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Well, you have to decide what's going to be NEXT when it comes time to get a new camera before you invest in an IS lens. Olympus has embraced having IS in the bodies, while Panasonic/Leica has it in the lenses. Getting a 14-150IS lens is kind of pricey compared to getting say an E-510 with the dual lens kit (14-42mm & 40-150mm lenses). Also if you buy an IS lens and than later upgrade to an IS body, you would have to decide between using IS in the body OR the IS in the lens as you can't have both on.

While digicams like the Fuji don't suffer as badly with long zooms (although there are visual defects like CA and barrel distortion), on SLRs softness tends to be the big long zoom issue as well as dark lenses (f/6.3 on the long end). For just a "walking around" lens there's the Oly 18-180mm, and for wider they are coming out with a 9-18mm in the fall (Sigma also has a 10-20mm).

To know what's really out there you need a full list, and there's one at:

While you're there, if you haven't looked at Wrotniak's site before click on the "Other Articles" link there for lots of other tidbits and useful information about Olympus answers a lot of basic questions (after three years I still visit it regularly to see what's new).

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