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Thank you for all your comments so far on this subject. I didn't mean to stir up controversy, but I do think a lot is said about specs of digicams , but little about the aspect shape of the image! In the TV world, strongly supported by producers, we are having to work with both 4X3 and 16x9, converging towards a 16x9 world. Cameras designed for 4x3 can now have 'safe area' graticules embedded in existing software, and new cameras are often switchable aspect, with 16x9 ccds. I understand the Fuji 602 which I'm buying doesn't display the image frame correctly in the viewfinder which seems a fundamental issue. Thanks also for the info on print sizes, it seems that what you shoot is not always what you get! My perception so far is that digicams are more aligned to match computer graphics standards and anything else will need editing work.
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