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Interesting picture:

- Shutter time of 4 sec. How did you kept youself so still? Small joke --> drugs = stoned?? =)

- Good still and movement pic...very creative.

- The colors are dreamy, nice tweaking with the white balance.

- Thinking hard to find any improvements. Aah maybe1 minor point. cut the right side of the picture a bit. So that thepartly on the picture car is removed. This way you will position yourself more to the right. Which makes your composition a bit better. Because you look left, move yourself more to the right in this case.The other car on the far left is ok. It is not too big in the picture, but luckily not to less and still gives youmore feel of depth. (edit: maybe not even worth changing..the pic is just fine....)

General warning to all (young) fellow photographers:

Hands off the drugs...the do far more damage then you ever can think of. Many people become walking zombies who have only one goal at their to get the few dollars to get a shot....really a shame. And life is over..... Never believe so called friends that say it's cool. Know what's good ...and what's not good.....

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