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Photo 5 wrote:
... I will look at resources that talk about photographing in snowy conditions...
Do that, and figure on shooting with manual exposure and white balance - both of those can get very odd in snow if you let the camera choose the settings. Assuming you get there a day or so before the wedding, do some practicing. Make a real effort to avoid blowing out the snow.

As brian said, get some disposable lithium AAs. Much better cold performance and a nearly infinite shelf life. Good to have a set on hand for emergency use. About US$10/set of four.

Condensation is a serious problem going from cold to warm. put your camera into a plastic bag *BEFORE* going inside and keep it there until it has warmed up - about half an hour. So tell the folks that you will be out of operation for that time after the outdoor shots - unless you don't mind getting the inside of your camera wet.
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