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My window for exchange/returns with is closing at the end of this week after which I will be fully comitted to the K20D.

The good news is I really feel good about using the K20D and the DA*50-135 and the DA*16-50 lenses; the user experience and the IQ are definitely higher on the satisfaction scale compared to what I experienced with the D300.

The bad news is...well...I spent more money in getting a new tripod and head to support the heavier gear. Had an opportunity to handle a Manfrotto 190X Pro B and was very impressed by the tilting center column as well the ability to seat the tripod almost as low as4 inchesfrom the ground. I'm beginning to think it was a whole lot cheaper just having my DL & kit lenses:-)

In any event, is time to cut out the UPC codes from the boxes and send away for the $325 in rebates from Pentax! Yeah...that'll pay for the tripod & head..yeah..that's the ticket...

BTW, I just returned from a weekend in Wisconsin and will share the results of the K20D and DA*16-50 soon.

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