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We live in rain forest where many wildl birds and animals visit our forest every day. I enjoy taking their pictures when ever strange living wildlives come visit us. Yesterday a wild monky came and enjoy coconut in our 'jungle'. grabed my D50 with 18-200 which always laying ready all the time. Took a few pictures, the monky did not showed any disturb so I switched to my D200 + 80-400 and take a doze of pictures into 4GB CF card of the D200.

Transferng pictures from D50sd card to laptop was quick and eaasy because my HP entertainment pc has slot for all kinds of memory cards except CF. To take a dozen pictures from 4GB CF card of my D200 I first had to find the addapter from some where in those shoes bxes.

I am looking for a camera to replace my D200 if it konk out some days. D300 is not what I want, if possible I shall pick one with sd card. For my type of photography sd is better than cf. That extra speeds do not mean much for me. I use sd card with Sanyo EXACTI and am very happy with it, much more than withmy expensive 3 ccd camcorder with priority Sony memorystick.
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