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If I had a D80 I also shall upgrade to D300. I now have a D200 and very happy with it. There are very little differences between D200 and D300, most of them are sales gimmicks. I do not change camerabecause Nikon bring out a newer model. I buy camera to make photographs. I shall never pphotograph for money, I shall never be a pro so I choose camera that will do what I want it to do

One day I shall have to get a new camera as my D200 will not last forever. I look at new Nikon that come to the market so when I need one I shall know what I should get. D300 is ok with me, as I do not need one right now so I am waiting to see Nikon getting smart and catchup with Canon and put SD cards in their top level cameras. I know it will happen and my D200 will last several more years, then I shall buy the new D300x or D400 or what everNikon will name them.

The reason all cameras later or sooner will switch to SD cards is the same as why Ford does not use sparkplug they used inFordModel T. Modern sparkplugs are more efficient, smaller, and cost less and use by every car manufacturers.
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