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hi Harj.

my first experiance was with a mc 58 1.4, which i fitted with a 4/3 bayonet. that was before these cheap adapters were available. after that i was hooked & thankfully RJ developed his adapter. now he hasthe chipped version. he sent me one, and it works great.

you might find the 58mm 1.4 useful in the studio, or maybe a 50 1.4 would be better. a inexpensive way to see if you'll take to it. i like the 58 for portraits because it has some pincushion distortion.

or you could get one of the 1.2's, that require care with lighting (as do the 1.4's) w/o, but give interesting results. looks like prices are going up on these.

maybestart with a 1.4, just to see if you get any benefit over your zuiko glass. maybe not sharp enough w/o. if you dont like it, no big loss.

check out this thread, and Daves gallery:
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