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I've seen no detailed tutotials on Studio in any of it's versions.

There is a total lack of most all the fineadjustments/sliders you have with Adobe Camera RAW. I kind-of like that to be honest. My in-camera sharpening setting is -2 and I don't add any back in, in Studio or post-conversion in Photoshop or some other program. The only added sharpening my files ever get is the default that my website (Smugmug)applies that I could adjustor turn off if I wanted, but I've never messed with it.

Most of my adjustments in Studio consist of exposure compensation, white balance adjustments, adding additional contrast and/or vivid color to images that warrant it, and that's about it. The one command of Adobe Camera RAWI missin Studio is the ability to straighten the image before conversion. There is a tool for that post-conversion, but not in the RAW converter.

If you like moving all the sliders back & forth, applying luminence smoothing and fine tuning individual color channels, Olympus Studio isn't what you want to be using. If you want a (comparatively)pretty simpleconverter that gives great colors to your files, Studio's the ticket.
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