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Howdy, I bit the bullet and bought a Manfrotto carbon fiber pod, along with a 3130 micro fluid head.

I generally use the setup with my Canon 70-200 f 2.8 IS L lens. I use it to photograph dog agility, there are usually a couple dozen dogs running in each class. I generally set up in a good place and pan around, taking maybe 4 pictures. However, about halfway through each class I notice that the head isn't panning, rather the QR plate is turning on the tripod collar on the lens.

Has anyone just used loctite or something to semi-permanantly attach the QR plate to the collar? Or perhaps there's some other way to secure it. It's a real pain to take the lens off the pod, take off the plate, tighten the screw, then put it all back together w/out missing some shots.

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