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i'm thinking about buying the Aiptek Action HD camera. can anyone tell me the battery life of the 1000 mAh battery recording at 1280 x 720 Pixels (H.264) at 60 fps/720 x 480 Pixels (D1) at 60 fps? i want to get the 1800 mAh battery too, but the charger they sell only does the 1000 mAh and 850 mAh batteries and i want to be able to charge batteries without plugging in the camera. does anyone know if they make a charger for the 1800 mAh batteries?

i want to buy a helmet camera too but can the Action HD record with the lcd screen shut and off (not just turned around)?

also i want to record at 60fps and cut and edit videos together and put them on a dvdr, does a standard dvdr and buring software do 60fps or will they end up at 30fps?

any help would be much appreciated.
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