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:?My friend is into cameras and say the Panasonic has good Technical Features, I trust his opinion & am sold on the Panasonic TZ15(AU) or TZ5(US) from this aspect!

Sounds like a good camera to learn on!

Then I found the Fujifilm S800fdwith the higher MP & Optical Zoom features and would like peoples opinion opinion on the Quality of the images compared with the Panasonic?

Specifically my question is, if photos were taken of the same scene with both cameras with the settings of Resolution & Optical Zoom ETC being around the same would one camera overly out perform the other for image quality, colour ETC.
Fast Shooting speed is not a necesity for my use and I would look to by a trypod regardless of Camera Purchase!

I note the use of AA baterys for the Fuji and although I hear the life might be limiting the easyavailability of AA batterys might be advantagous. So this 1 plus for fuji for me!
I am only begining so please try and keep it simple if you can?

I would guess this might be a hard question, I ask your opinion and thoughts please!

My feeling is if the picture quality is lower I might forgo the extra Resolution and Optical Zoom and buy the Panasonic!

My use will vary from artistic nature shotssuch assmall trees and bushes toposibly zooming in on birds butthis feature I would see as optional andnot overly needed, mainly the ability to blow pictures up for framing is important.

Regards Gaza

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