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Darrel1 made the best statement. both have their issues. but as with anything that is on the market look at the numbers. when you currently have over 90% of the home computing world on one operating system and the the rest split up between linux and apple where do you think the most issues will be found. 90% of issues on XP are user induced. the most recent renditions of the apple OS have had their own problems too. this is going to happen when you are writing levels/volumes of code that are in these systems. Windows is the most prominent of the OSs due to its level of use and of course some of their business practices in the press. apple had a great advantage a while back in the graphics department( and boy did you pay for it. video cards that cost well over $1k). these days truthfully they have been eclipsed by the PC due to companies like nvidia and ATI going for volume sales instead of relying on selling a few expensive cards to a select group(and i'm not referring to the game cards either). processing power of the G5 isn't exactly the speediest against PC boxes as demonstrated by:

why is apple so popular. it is a pop culture icon with some great ideas. the ipod is a visually stunning design but the average owner cannot/will not change the battery when it dies after about 18 months of use. it can be done: $105 currently from apple or $50 and a little bit of work on your part. but apple really doesn't want to fix them. every 6-12 months a new tricker version will come out with some added functionality and will be pushed as the next must have. and it will sell. the entire industry is in a process of shifting from pure computing products to appliances. the gee wiz factor is gone. these items are commedities. they have led the way as they have in the past. apples ideas over the years have been great and they have a patent list that is pretty impressive. their follow through though has been a bit weak. what apple is good at is "the Next Big Thing". marketing at its best.
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