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scotia1 wrote:

I have noticed that the camcorder you pictured and reviewed is different that the pictures in most of the online sellers sites. They show a 10X Zoom and the microphone is on the top. Your pictures show the microphone on the LCD panel.

Did you order the unit described on the website and received the one you reviewed?

I think you have the next generation DXG-596 with the image stabilization.

As most of the online sellers are out of stock I wonder what the next shipment will be like. With any luck the FW upgrade will installed.
This is interesting, I have noticed the color from thefish's camera in the footage, looks a lot closer to normal than D1PHAM's camera. Fish, is there anyway you achieved this, or could turn down the color? More like the footage from a 35mm adaptor. D1PHAM, is there anyway you could control color?

D1PHAM, have you seen any higher maximums in your data-rate since last time, especially 720p60?

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