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eshtog wrote:
I already have the Canon XSi that I just bought a couple days ago. I wasnt happy with the quality of pictures it took indoors especially with light coming through the windows. I will probably return it and get the Canon 40d and the Canon 17-40mm Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens. I have also heard the 50d will be out soon, anyone know approx when they will release it?

What do you guys think?
What was it about the pictures you didn't like? Depending on your answer you're not going to see better results with another camera. The XSi (or any entry level camera with right lens AND EXTERNAL FLASH) is more than capable of the job you've got. Spending more money on another body for some image quality is throwing money away.

Now - here's the reality of the situation. For those types of shots you're going to want decent depth-of-field in addition to wide angle. And you're going to want additional light. You don't want to rely on windows or house lighting.

Here is my take on what would best do the job:

1. Camera with decent ISO 800/1600 performance

2. Good external bouncable flash (to even out lighting)

3. Anti-shake (yes loyal posters I do sometimes recommend the technology).

You'll want to usenarrower apertures to get good depth-of-field (DOF). That's going to cause you to use slower shutter speeds to let in as much ambient light as possible. Additionally you'll want higher ISOs - 800 or 1600 to get somewhat reasonable shutter speeds. Finally you'll want a bounce flash to even out some of the lighting - you don't want heavy shadows.

When I took shots of my house before putting it on the market I used a tripod to get truly ambient light exposed shots and the flash just filled out shadows. But a tripod isn't practical for your everyday use. That's where anti-shake comes in.

I'm also going to say even 24mm equivelent can be pretty tight. I have and used the 17-40mm lens on a 1.3x crop camera - so that's 22mm equivelent. And it was still a tad tight. For houses with an open floor plan not a big deal. But for older houses where you can't take the shot from outside the room it COULD be a problem.

So, IMO, you don't need a more expensive camera body unless you were going to get say a 5d (full frame which is MUCH easier for wide angle shooting). You need wider lens, external flash and anti-shake. That is the ideal situation.

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