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DarkDTSHD wrote:
There has to be a few D700 owners on this forum? Could one of you please take a shot of the bottom of your D700? I've read other threads on the same topic and one owner says that his D700 was definitely made in Japan. So if you could just take a shot...appreciated!
That is probably true. I don't know what the initial production run for the D700 was, but it was all made in Japan. So, you could likely still find a Japan made D700 out there. I'm not sure when production is supposed to switch over, but if it hasn't already, it will soon. So if getting a Japan made D700 is a necessity, you should act sooner than later.

I'm not suprised there aren't many D700 owners on this forum. There never has been much talk about pro-level bodies on this forum...the D300 and D200 seem to be the upper limit. The pro shooters tend to gather elsewhere.
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