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While i think Carl Zeiss lens are great I'm alsobecomingvery impressed with the Canon HF100, here is a review

My perception is that Sony's are extremely well build cameras, sound and picture quality is also great and dynamic range seem to be the best, I'm impressed with the HDR-SR11, it records onto a HDD, the negative side of that is that at high altitude this camera should not be operated, the newer model HDR-SR12 seems to have some annoying issues with the focus, but this is not the casewith the SR11, another option is the TG3/TG1, but theimage quality is not as good as the SR10/11/12.

The Canon HF100 has great sharp picture, very quick focusing, excellent qualityin low light, sound is good, and it uses external memory cards. It also offer a lot of manual override options. The dynamic range is not as great as the Sony's.

Aiptek in the other hand are budget cameras but seem to be very limited and full of annoying problems, such as bad sound quality, poor performance in low light, currently the only positive things i can see in Aiptek is low cost and very portable. I was hoping that the new AHDZ600 would overcome all of these annoying problems while remaing Low budget... but this may take some time until we see some reviews.

The Sanyo Xacti HD1010 also seems quite interesting but something about it has not impressed me.

Which of these 3 cameras would you recommendI go for?

Also can anyone recommend a US based shop/website that they have used that can sell and ship suchgoods overseas (UK/Europe), as the British Pound buys a lot more in the US then it does over here in the UK and Europe.

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