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When Z600 comes out, it will be best Aiptek models with 200€ price tag. You really can't compare for cost effectiveness of Aiptek and more expensive models like Sony and Canon, they have more quality with more price. Both Canon HF100 and Sony HDF-SR11 are too bulky for pocket. Lets compare something which could be carried in pocket, otherwise it just doesn't make sense, becouse with quality comes of course bigger lens and bigger size. If you wan't good quality camcorder then you should buy Canon or Sony, but I am not going to pay 800€ for TG3 and I don't like Sony's special Memory Sticks which are only for Sony models.

Lets compare pocket size HD camcorders like these:

Sony TG3 800€

Canon TX1 500€

Aiptek Z600 200€

Sanyo would be great but it isn't sold here, I have to order it from abroad and I don't want to mess with that and I don't know where is nearest Sanyo support for asking help if I have some problems. Aiptek has good support and they are really trying to solve problems with their products, altought they really can't solve any problems there, maybe they just can't or they don't know how to solve them. Main reason for me to not to choose Sanyo becouse I can't return it back to store, if I have defective unit.

If you like to edit your videos and do some nice professional looking videos then you should buy real camcorder like Sony or Canon, but if you only like to store your videos and not edit much or anything then Aiptek will do just fine. Aiptek Z600 isn't going to be any kind of miracle maker, it is just like all Aiptek cameras are "simple and stupid" for every camera users out there, I think it is Aipteks policy not to make anything which too complicated for any average user. I just like it becouse it is cheap way to make videos. Many years I have considered to buy expensive camcorder but haven't just bought it yet, maybe someday I come to my senses and buy something better and more expensive.
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