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Lets compare pocket size HD camcorders like these:
Sony TG3 800€
Canon TX1 500€
Aiptek Z600 200€
Don't forget the Kodak V1073 (with Optical Stabilzation) ($199 new)

or the Kodak V1253 (with EIS) ($150 refurb)

I own both. They record HD in 14 Mbps DivX5. Superb video quality. Superb lenses too. Downside is that they are fully automatic, few manual adjustments. Also, the telephoto lenses lose focus when they zoom, and change zoom when they focus.

I also own a Z1012 (Optical Stabilization)($249 (at Target)), another excellent camera for capturing holiday memories in HD.

Data info on these cameras is at:;pq-path=12425;pq-path=12454

Hey, I am not affiliated with Kodak, I just use some of their products, and these haven't let me down... Unlike the HD700 (gripe, moan, whine...)

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