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I spent weeks comparing these models and more after buying a Digilife 1080HD and deciding to also get myself a "Real" Camcorder.

I was down to the HF100/HG10 and the JVC HD7 when I came across the Sony SR10 at the last minute and in quality comparisons it seemed to have the edge on both according to

It was not until I hit Jessops and got them in my mitts did I finally settle on the SR10.

the 10,000-12,000 Altitude limit (which is the same from pretty much any HDD based item due to air pressure) was not a problem for me as I really only intended to use it in the UK and the highest peak is Ben Nevis in Scotland and thats still under half of the limit, hell, even skydives are normally only 8-10k ( and I sure as hell aint gunna be doing one of them in this lifetime)

One of the features I love about the SR10 is the manual controls that make use of the touch screen, you can quickly adjust exporsure to any part of the scene and lock it there just by tapping the subject/area on the screen, the touch screen also allows you to quickly switch focus between objects and holding it there by again just tapping your finger on the point/subject.

The 240fps Smooth Slowmo feature is pretty cool, I've yet to try it out properly yet but it lets you capture 3secs either after or before pressing the rec button, the before working on a constant record buffer running on the HDD then saving the last 3 secs when you press it, no need for trying to time when it happens, just constant record and save the good bits.

An exapmle of someone else playing with the feature.

here's my top reasons for loving the SR10
  • up to 10hrs Recording on a single battery (I have the FH100 battery)[/*]
  • Manual controls[/*]
  • Touch screen for menus, manual controls and playback.[/*]
  • 15x Optical Zoom and a very usable 30x Digital (didn't start to notice artifacts till about 50x+, goes up to 180x but useless by then)[/*]
  • Cool slow mo feature.
  • Quick Dock station included for nice and easy Charging/Transfer of Video & Pics, also has AV/HD out so no need to keep pluging cables in and out of cam.[/*]
  • Excellent Audio (Does 5.1 but I only use Stereo at the mo)[/*]
  • Good in low light and also has Night vision/infra red lamp for pitch black.[/*]
  • Excellent optical stabilizer.
I realise this is heavily biased towards the SR10/11/12 as thats the one I got, but I'm sure the HF100 etc also has as many good features and that I would have been very happy with that or the JVC.

I did put some test stuff on Vimeo when I got it (obviously compressed a lot) download the original file as Vimeo tend to play with a stutter/frameskip.

Zoom clip

First day test (before I knew about most of the manual stuff)

Some more Park stuff

I still love my Digilife for it's compact/carry everywhere usage.

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