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Clan Man is a big clan in San Tin whose decendentsare believed to be related in blood to Man Tin-cheung, a famous patriot at the end ofMing Dynasty in Imperial China. One of his members, Man Chung-luen, was a successful merchant in Qing Dynasty. He was renowned also as a philantropist and his generosity was heard of by theQing emperor Guangxu. He was bestowed the title tai fu, a notable person, by Emperor Guangxu.

The followings are a few photos of Man Chung-luen's residence,so called Tai Fu Mansion, as well as a few shots of an ancestral hall ofone of Man's offsprings, Man Lun-fung.

1 Tai Fu Mansion

2 An honorific board bestowed on Man Chung-luen's parents by the emperor

3 Man Lun-fung Ancestral Hall


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