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Thank you for the kind words Penolta,
You're right, it wasn't entirely the lens fault but, it's easier to blame the lens.:G Actually, I had several issues I was dealing with: the lens is an old manual Ricoh 35-70mm (macro) I had to stop it down to f22 to keep from blowing the highlights. Plus, it was so hot and humid the sweat was running down into my eyes so bad I was lucky to focus at all!:lol: I totally agree on DOF but not sure what I could have done to change it.:-?
Thanks for your input.
GW, looking at the Exif it looks like you were in manual mode. f/22 is pretty small and almost certainly introduced diffraction softening. The lens might do better for you at f/8 or f/11 and you can always control the blown highlights by adjusting shutter speed.

Your butterfly is very interesting and I don't think I have seen one before. The yellow and white flower is beggars tick (bidens alba); I think fully 1/3rd of my macro shots are insects on beggars tick.


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