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Hi Betsy, First of all, I will now apologize to you here for my hasty comments. But I still stand by what I said about your photography. You have some outstanding shots on your site. Whether you can increase the number of keepers depends on some factors you have no control over. You shoot wild creatures, for the most part, in their native habitat. You will not always have the sun where you want it, or the time of day or weather is all wrong. There isn't a whole lot you can do about that. If all your photography was in a studio setting, you might approach a keeper rate of nearly 100%. TCav had some good advice, or hang out in the wildlife section. Just think, a few short years ago, we did all this with film. Be thankful you have "instant feedback" and are able to fire off another shot if you don't like the first one, rather than have to wait several days to see that you messed up, without the opportunity to correct.

One other thing, if you can get close enough to use flash for fill, you can brighten up a backlit subject that would otherwise be "flat".

Sorry to have rambled on....Robert
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