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Thanks again Robert. I used to take pretty good photos in "the film" days. Or at least I thought I did. Now most of my photos seem incorrectly exposed or I have some other complaints with them. I do admit that I am trying to get more from my photos than I used to. I look at all the great shots here on this forum or on a few of the others and I am frustrated because I can't get the same results. I do think that I have a good eye and can "see" a good shot when it comes to composition, etc. I would just like the expertise of someone else who can say "you need to shoot at a faster speed" or "you definitely need a tripod for this shot" or "you are are never going to be able to capture that shot with that lens".

For most things in life, I think you can learn prettywell from reading the instructions or manuals. But trying to learn photography from reading manuals would be the same as trying to learn painting techniques from a book. It would seem a lot more effective to be in the company of the artist rather than just reading what he said about his techniques.

That's my humble opinion, anyway.

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