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Manchester wrote:
Hi all, I'm after some help.

My missus is a manager at a private day nursery, and as part of the health and safety, she has to take photos of the kids who have allergies. Can only use the nurseries own camera, and can't take ours in, how daft is that!!!

And she only has a budget of £50.

So if possible, I'm looking for a digital camera, which takes decent enough photos, and use a rechargeable battery rather than normal batteries.

Appreciate any help on this
If you contact my much-loved local camera shop in Wrexham, they have a frequently updated leaflet that they'll send you, with lots of budget digicams reviews in it (many of their customers are impecunious). Their phone number and email are on their website. I'd ring them up, explain the problem, and ask their advice. Ideally ask for Rhod or Steve. Their details are on their website

Really cheap ones won't be among their 'recommended cameras' on the site, but they'll have a good idea what will do the job, as they test lots of cheap models.

PS. I just looked, and they do recommend the Odys 5300 for £35. It only has a digital zoom, but they say it'll do reasonable 10x8 prints without it.The shots would be best taken outdoors with plenty of light, I'd guess. Like I say, ring & ask them what they've got.
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