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renpriv wrote:
Taynt3d wrote:
Doesn't really matter cause EIS sucks so bad no one should ever use it, lol. Didn't take me more than a day to realize that it was making things worse, not better.
I have an HD1010 and find the EIS really quite good, much better than the shaky video I would take if I didn't use it :-D I was dubious after reading the bad reviews it gets, but I am very happy.
Keep in mind though that on the HD1000/1010 EIS doesn't crop and resize, so you don't take a sharpness/resolution hit -- on the HD700, you take IMHO a major hit to image quality.

Also, speaking for myself personally, after hundreds of hours of use, I find that the EIS often does more harm than good. For example, if you're too shaky, EIS actually makes things more shakey, and during pans or any sort of tracking shot, EIS can wreak havoc. Specifically, during tracking shots, it can result in a stuttering effect. I think some people attribute that to the MP4 encoding, but turn EIS off, and you'll see smoother tracking. In fact, turn EIS off, and lock your shutter to 1/60, and you're tracking shots will look soooooo much better, but I digress.

The only time EIS helps (for me) is in a relatively steady hand-held shot, which makes sense because it's only in that situation can EIS really compensate enough to overcome shake. Anyway, after ruining tons of footage, I never use it anymore, but of course, YMMV.
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