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It'll be interesting to see how this system develops. You've got guys over in the Olympus DSLR forum wanting everything from a 14-35 f2 to f1.4 (or faster)primes...all of whichwould be higher-priced optics, while I THINK the primary focus of this system is as a bridge camera between the digicams/megazooms to the DSLR crowd, with the aim to keep things as small and affordableas possible for those who don't want to invest in a heavier/bulkierDSLR system.

If they keepthe opticstoo simple, the DSLR crowd will just yawn, and f they make it too big, the other side won't want it, and I've already seen more than one or two complaints about how it's too big, but manyfrom that sidethink digicams like the Panasonic TZ5 are too big as well, so there's definitely one group or the other that won't be happy with whatever choice they are given. I still think most digicam users would rather just buy something like the Panasonic FZ28 that is much smaller than even the G1 andhas all the focal lengths they want in one lens that they don't have to bother changing.

You'll wind up seeing people like FZ50 users replacing their camera with this. Even with the better AF speed, I don't think this is going to be a camera that can be used for subjects like sports, especially evening events where you have to both be able to track subjects as they move and shoot bursts while being able to follow the action at the same time. I know they say the tracking AF on this camera will be good, but tracking onlyis one thing....tracking AND shooting high speed bursts is another.

I wouldn't want to be the one, or in the group having to decide how much of each market gets what they want.
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