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Hi Greg,

You bring up some interesting points relative to who the potential buyer of this concept really is and what niche does it really fill.

From my perspectiveI see the G-1 being an ideal camera to take with you on a special vacation where you really want better quality than the average P&S digicam can produce as well as the flexibility of add'l lenses. Essentially, aDSLR but not the bulk. Actually, I bought the Olympus C-5060WZ specifically for this reason when my wife and I went on a Mediterranean cruise back in '04.

It also has the potential to be a good street camera. Again, good quality images from a diminutive camera that's easy on the back and neck when you go walking in a city all day.

As to who the buyer actually is? My guess is the current crop of DSLR users. Who understand and can appreciate the camera for what it is and the flexibiltiy it offers. Probably why your'e seeing many posts for fast primes and high quality glass. I'd love to be able to go on our next cruise armed with a G-1 and a couple of really fine lense that I can stick in my pocket. The reality is that I've already an E-510 with a sgnificant investment in lenses. If I didn't, I'd most likely get in line for one.

Most of the articles I've read say that there is a large market of P&S digicam users out there that want a small'high quality'camera that can accept lenses.I personally don't see it. Most, actually, allof the people I know, friends and relations have a simple digicam that they can take a snapshot with. And, that's all they want. I can't see them buying anything like the G-1. Especially for the price that the G-1 will be released at.

Only time will tell how this whole idea is accepted in the marketplace. Maybe it's time to buy some stock in Panasonic:idea:


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