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I am looking to buy a "prosumer" sort of camera; I was beginning to feel limited by my simple point-and-shoot, but I'm not yet ready for a dslr (especially financially!). I've been agonizing over whether to get the Canon Powershot S5 IS or Canon Powershot G9. It seems in the reviews that the G9 is a better camera; the reviews for the S5 scare me a bit. However, one of my requirements was to find a camera that could us regular AA batteries in a pinch, because I travel internationally and I enjoy the freedom of being able to stop at any little newspaper stand for more batteries if the rechargeables run out. After watching a close friend have her power pack run down with no way to recharge it during the middle of our Barcelona vacation, I swore I'd never use one.

However, the G9 is tempting me...Those of you who travel with cameras with power packs, do you just carry a convertor and adaptors everywhere? My convertor is really heavy. I just want to hear other people's travel experiences with batteries vs. powerpacks; is it worth the compromise?
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