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foreverfreebird wrote:
I am looking to buy a "prosumer" sort of camera; I was beginning to feel limited by my simple point-and-shoot, but I'm not yet ready for a dslr (especially financially!). I've been agonizing over whether to get the Canon Powershot S5 IS or Canon Powershot G9. It seems in the reviews that the G9 is a better camera; the reviews for the S5 scare me a bit. However, one of my requirements was to find a camera that could us regular AA batteries in a pinch, because I travel internationally and I enjoy the freedom of being able to stop at any little newspaper stand for more batteries if the rechargeables run out.
Just regarding the avoiding the DLSR "especially financially", the Canon EOS 1000D/Rebel XS DSLR with lens is about the same price as the S5 IS or the G9 !!!!!

Ok, it doesn't have AA batteries, but you could always get a Pentax K200D, which DOES use AA batteries, and again, it's around the same price!!
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