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I have visited this site in the past and have found it very helpful. I still have my little Oly 3030 and I think its time (lol). Soooo I've decided that if I want the lens for low light I need to upgrade!!! to maybe a Prosumer. Though it would be nice if I could also find a compact that I could be satisfied with. Low light is a real problem.

I'd really like to find a camera that can be a point and shoot if needed, but that can also be an entry level slr (my Oly was nice it did let me control some things). I know that the community college here offers classes in digital photography now and again; and I plan to attend the next one to learn more.

I am trying to do some research on it, but I have a visual impairment, which makes reading for long periods hard (especially over the net).

The Fuji FinePix9100 really caught my eye on the 'BestCameras' page. I love the LCD screne that flips out like that one does (didn't see any other camera's with that feature). It seems to be geared toward the amatuer like me - though could be a bit overwhelming. If I read right, I can have it auto focus, but also manual focus.

It would be nice to have a camera that you can hand to someone to take a picture of you.

I take pictures of my animals (cats/dogs/horses) moving and still: indoors and out

I like to take pictures of the flowers in my mothers garden (want to get better at that)

Family gatherings and that sort of thing.

I just want something better than point and shoot/ but that can be point and shoot if needed?a camera that kinda helps in the settings for shots; cuz I'm learning.

And maybe if there are any good 'simple' books that are recommended? Again its hard for me to read for long but I want to take better pictures.
:? Thanks in advance

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