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There is a Sony DVD burner that has RCA inputs as well as S video inputs. It can record directly from a camcorder or other line in source RCA or S-Video. It can record to CDs or DVDs. On the DVD side of things you can set it to record Mpeg 1 or mpeg 2 (2hrs, 4hrs or 6 hrs worth to a DVD). I don't know the model number. I own one (but loaned it to a friend) when I got my first laptop in 2006 that didn't have a DVD birner and used it for that reason. Oh and it has a USB port as well to use as an external drive/burner.

I did use it once to record a wedding by hooking the outputs of the a VHS style camcorder to the inputs of the Sony burner. I did test it early and was glad I did. I learned you have to have media in the camcorder and have it set in the record mode in order for it to work properly. I did learn that without it recording in the camcorder (at least with the set up and model I was using) that I was not getting any signal into the DVD burner device. I also learned it worked on playback mode but if you trying to record live you have to be in record mode.

Also it records in real time. You can also use it to record audio streams from LPs, cassettes etc to CDs.

Hope this helps

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