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LOL, so then I started looking at the DSLRs and low and behold, there was the Sony Alpha350 (I do really like that flip out lcd). Its really hard to decide how advanced to go. Where would my ceiling be if I got something like the Fuji S9100 compared to one of the slr's? I mean then I'd be getting into the whole lens thing; and be on the search for agood overall, wide, andtele lens (way out of my comfort zone there).

For an overall point and shoot pocket typeI'm thinking about the Panasonic LX3. It has thenice brightlens and wide angle. Though the price is a bit steep for me. One of those cameras to just keep an eye on and hope it comes up on black friday or something. So hard to find a pocket type digital with the nice bright lens!

OH and for me I think I should get something with image stabalization.
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