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I've been using the printer about a week and spentnearlya hundredglossy photopaperswith different settingsto attainits 'sweet spot'! Well, the results I attained are a mixed bag. While I printed some great looking A4 size photoswhich seemed to have outdone the Photolab Ihad my pictures printed,some pictures sufferedweird and harsh colours.Below you'll see the screenshotof the printing page of the Photoshop CS3.I also click on the 'Page Set up' there tochose'none' for the 'color correction' option at the printer driver which pops up, as advised. Couldn't find any other way to disable the color management of the printer!Actuallyit is also advised toprefer 'Relative Colorimetric' option from the 'Rendering Intent' box. However I foundthe outputs look somewhat duller than the original. Now, Itry adjusting the saturation decreasing the red and yellow while increasing the blueby %20 at the Photoshop before printing, which seems to work!

I had read manypositive reviews about this priter beforeI boughtit, and thereforeexpectthethe presence of 'happy users' togive me some good advice

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