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Reanimator wrote:
are you trying to match to screen colours? u need to calibrate monitor if so

why are you using photoshop to print?

have u tired the canon print software??

have u tired using window picture viewer to print from? remembering to go and adjust print settings

but most importantly to start diagnosing your print problems is.... are you using proper paper, like kodak, ilford, epson, hp

if your not.....bin what you have and buy some proper paper is exactly paper


Dear Gary, in the first place I should thankfor your kind interest! Actually, that's my second printer after the Epson R300 which I was so pleased about except its short lived cartridges! Actually checkingmy monitor was among the fist things I did, and I haven't used anything else other than Canonor Epson premium glossy photopapers, both of whichgave very similar results with my printer. As for why I use photoshop to print; according to many combinations I tried (including directly using the canon printer software and window picture manager with various settings) it was the Photoshop which have given the mostpleasing results, which is also mentioned in the Photoshop printing tutorialand oftenaddressed in some forums as well:

Well, today I triedthe much advised 'Relative Colorimetric' option once again instead of the 'Saturation' from the 'Rendering Intent' box, but after increasing the saturation by %5 and pushing the shadows slider to the right that much, by which I got some very nice prints!

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