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Reanimator wrote:
ok mate so i take it you have sorted it.

many people do buy cheap paper believing its as good as kodak epson etc, and it just plain isnt

no u got setting you like make a custom profile with them and write em down !!!

i have a few custom profiles (settings) on my designjet for when i do posters, canvas etc its easier than going back into settings and changing everything.

i have just bought a a3 epson 1400 as i had 25 framed a3 prints to do and my designjet isnt quite as good at small prints LOL.............also bought a vinyl cutter to make stickers for cars etc, so my loft is pretty full now

Thank you for your kind interest, Gary! Eh, for a sub 200 $ printer as good as it gets; I'd say! Iknew about yourconsiderable experince inprinting, so I would like toreadabout your impressionon the epson 1400, whose priceis quite attractive.However, I hesitated to buy it due to the often complained running cost. I assume youare using theCIS

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