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Hi Greg,

First off, thanks for your reply. I've enjoyed reading many of your posts here and on other forums, and you always have something relevent and insightful to say. Your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Your FZ50 shots on your link are wonderful, completely pushing me more in the 50 direction, especially the St Genevieve shot. I'm not so sure that the 28 could have done quite the justice the 50 did. That shot even up to X3 looks spectacular in my opinion. I wasn't aware that you owned both cameras. Another frequent poster, Sarah Joyce (Mtclimber), owns both, and is of the opinion that the IQ from both cameras is prettty close. What do you think?

Thanks for the heads-up on the Raynox. I just assumed it was the way to go since it appears that most people buy them for their macro shots. I didn't notice any bending in your photos (unless intentional), so your combination definitely looks like a winner to me.

And now the most obvious question. Since you already owned the FZ50, and obviously get stunning results with it, why did you get the FZ28?

Thanks Again,

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