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Default Re: I have both these cameras - what do you want to see?

Thanks for the side by side comparison of the two cameras Linda. Sounds like, in the end, it comes down to what features you prefer, since you state both take excellent pictures. I have seen the fringing you are talking about with the Sony, in user pictures I have seen on the net. However, the distant pictures I have seen, as you stated also, are very good. For me, the features I prefer, still lean me toward to S7000, but i can see where somebody might prefer the zoom on the videos. Did you notice the videos picking up motor noise, or it causing focasing problems while zooming? The manual zoom ring is nice also. I have to agree that from the sample videos I have seen, that the video mode quality is better on the S7000, and the Macro and Super macro of the 7000 are hard to beat. By the way, I read last night about users getting around the 200 ISO limitation (I beleive it is actually 160) of the S7000 by using certain manual mode combination of settings, and getting excellent results. I saved the url because it was getting toward bedtime, and I was dead tired, but I will read the article and post what this is all about. Thanks again!

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