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Default Sony DSC-P31 Question

Hello. This is my first post on this site. I am currently using a film SLR, but I am considering purchasing an entry-level digital camera so that I can increase the volume and ease of nonessential picture taking. The two models I am most interested in are the Sony DSC-P31 and the Olympus D-380. These 2-Megapixel cameras seem pretty evenly matched in their performance, but I am leaning toward the Sony because it includes rechargable batteries and a few other features. Can anyone reccommend one camera over the other?

Also, I have a more specific question about the Sony. I read on this site (which is really cool, by the way), that it has a noise reduction feature for night pictures. While this is good for static night scenery, what would it do to a picture that is meant to blur light from moving objects? Would it be possible with this camera to take a picture of a freeway in which the cars appear as streaks of white and red light?
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