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The_Dropbear wrote:
I am looking at this model for my first digicam, but need some specific questions answered.

1. Can the footage recorded be set to show the date and time?

2. Can the remote be used to start recording?

3. How well does it work in low light / indoors at night?


Steve the Dropbear
1. Don't know, haven't tried it, maybe some one else will know.

2. The remote can start and stop recordings, take pictures etc. The only thing it can't do is turn the camera on and off ACCEPT when it is in the dock. In the dock the remote can turn the camera on and off. If you set the sleep to 10 minutes all you have to do is make sure you take a picture or something before the 10 minutes to keep it alive, although I would have liked the option to turn it on and off for my hang gliding movies.

Also one thing to be aware off when the camera goes into sleep mode the first time you hit the record button it only wakes it up out of sleep it does not start recording, so you have to hit the record button twice.

3. I only use mine for hang gliding in daylight but I have heard it is pretty good indoors but requires changing one of the settings, which one I am not sure.
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