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This is something I have been wanting to find a solution for quite some time. I own a Canon sd400, Nikon s10, Sony T77. I want to know how to safely remove the branding/ logo/ badging that are physically on the cameras without damaging the exterior surface.

Typically there are two types of badges. The first is the type that seems like it is a sticker or heat pressed on totally flat, very similar to the type that phone carriers use to brand their phones. The other one are the ones that has been grown popular within digicams makers in recent years. They seem to usually have a metallic texture, shiny, and the material is not flat, the branding / letters are raised from the surface of which it bonds to.

I have always been a fan of de-badging, I love the sleek clean look. I am mostly concerned about the raised / shiny branding. If anyone can help or know of a place I can learn about this, I'd be in debt.
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