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Hi everyone - I'm contemplating my options for backups for mypicture storage. Right now I have my jpgs backed up on our webhost, which allows unlimited storage. This all sounds good, but have you ever tried to upload 30 or 40 gb's over the internet. It takes days even on a DSL.

Cd's do not hold enough, but I have the option now of using DVD's as my new computer has a DVD read/write drive. My RAWS are about 10mb's each, so I should be able to put abunch on each DVD. I think the DVD's are 4.7 gb's each. I also have everything backed up on a second hard drive in my computer. The problem with hard drives is they tend to be near your computer, even a USB external, you may forget to put it away and then your burglarized or something.

So anyway, I guess at this point I'm leaning toward the DVD option with the backups stored elsewhere then near my computer. That way I can pop them in if needed and look at the pictures. The off site thing, you have to re-download them and this takes some time.

Anyway, I'd be interested in hearing all the ideas and ways everyone else has come up with to solve this important task - Bruce

BTW: I just did a newalbum for my wildflowers using what is called jablum software. It's free and I am very happy with it. It runs on Java. Here is a link to my new page and a link to jalbumis at the bottom of it. They actually allow you to host on there server for free, but I have mine on our server.
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