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Take a look at Steve's recommended camera's from this site (scroll down to the "pocketable" cameras).

Most of them offer about 11-14 feet max flash range, which is all you can expect from a pocketable.

They all seem to do 640x480 video.

They all seem to be about 38mm or wider at the wide end and at least 80mm on the telephoto end.

If I was seriously looking at these cams, I would shortlist it to the following:

- Pentax Optio M50 (only $129, that's pretty cheap for a kick butt pocketable. You've got some spare cash left to buy a big media card.

- Canon Powershot SD 770 or 790 IS. I'm kind of a Canon freak so I generally recommend Canon. Shop around online and you can get either of these for under $200. I like the look of the SD770 but the 790 has a bigger LCD (which helps).

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