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Having lost a hard drive once already and hadthree uselesssets of backup of my 20+ years of genealogy research I feel you can never have too many backups.

My genealogy backups on four different floppies was useless until I got to the last copy. These were kept in my fireproof box in my home. I realize floppies are prone to problems, but that was the only way back then. HDD were just too expensive.

I currently have my photos, documents, e-mails (12 years worth)and programs downloadedon one HDD in the computer, a second copy on an external drive by my computer, a third copy on a portable HDD, that I try to keep away from the computer and my laptop and a fourth copy on my laptop. I do keep meaning to put them on DVD and taking them in to work or some place away from home. I'm going to regret one day that I haven't done that yet. But, knowing CD's and DVD's don't last forever have hesitated figuring how best to do this.

Looking forward to hearing how others deal with this.


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