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I already replied in an earlier post, but since then my workflow has changed a bit, so here an update.


sd-card -> copy images to external disk -> temp folder

prune the images using FastStone Image viewer (very fast raw format viewer, free for not professionall use - so good I even bought it) , if I delete to many I still have the sd-card to get them back.

Move the keepers to the dir where I keep them.
I've got a simple dir structure

then go to my image database (IMATCH), import the images and with a macro change the name of the image to "YYYYMMDD_HHMM_imagename.*" the date time comes from the exif data.
(all extra metadata [where what who ...] is added with categories in the db, only this isn't something that I always do the same day)

Later I make a copy from all the changed images, and database to a network drive.

For the copy itself I'm using Synckback SE, this program scans both the source and destination, and only copies the changed files, and I've got it set up so that it makes 3 backup versions on the destination if their are changes. (the backupversions are simple copies with a timestamp, this makes it real simple to find an older version without having to run some exotic restore program)

Then I've got a flickr account where I place the images that are processed into jpg's. Not all are visible.

I've also got a hardcopy of the images in blurb books (just started). Not the quality to get the images back when something would go wrong with the digital stuf, but great to keep your memories save.

When I look over the workflow it seems timeconsuming but the biggest work is the pruning the rest is just a few clicks.

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