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Did a serch and found some interesting stuff but nothing specifically on various settings and what each is best for. Camera is being set up for incar video, so obvuiously there will be fast moving subject matter but, hopefully, no violent movement.

According to the manual this is what settings are available.

Video Resolution - HD 1080P (1440x1080), HD 30f (1280x720), D1 60f (720x480) and CIF 30f (352x240).

Picture Resolution - 3M, 5M and 8M.

Re video resolution, is it correct that HD 30f is interlaced so giving a more raw and immediate look than HD 1080P which has a more cinematic look?

Re picture resolution, the bigger the picture the more resolution required? So YouTube 3M and TV 8M?

Anything else? Thanks in advance.
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