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hello all, its been awhile since posting. I live in the electronics apocalypse of the world, and rarely am satisfied. (The sdr-s10 panasonic I purchased in another thread has turned out to be very good)

anyway, one question that hardly gets answered in ANY review ANYWHERE...and it is so obvious I am frothing in anger at the lack of facts bluntly stating: Glass or plastic lense? I do not even care of the brand of lense..jsut tell me if it is glass or Not glass. :evil:

the last sub 200 dollar cameras I had were horrifying, one being a fuji, the other a battery hog M415 by hewlett packard. Both literally self destroyed. the pentax m415 was amazing while it lasted, This canon seems up my alley..but Ineed glass. the extra lense addons have me sold already.
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