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Kodak's video quality is like my Aiptek AHD200 but without ghostly sensor gridlines, but quality isn't so good compared to Sanyo HD1000/1010 video samples.

You never know what is going to happen, I think it is like Nvidia and 3dfx. I was formerly buying only 3dfx cards but fusion with Nvidia forced me to buy PowerVR's KyroII card and after that I bought only ATI display cards. Nvidia display cards were much inferior before fusion with 3Dfx, but now they are very powerfull market leader. I also owned PowerVR KyroII display card, that manufacturer vanished also, even they got state of the art technology with their tile based rendering architechture, which is now mostly vanished. Too bad becouse I think that architecture could provide much more 3D display power than todays graphics card can ever deliver. Tile based rendering just wasn't developed enought to make it worthwhile. I bet we could have more 3d graphics power with less electrical power than todays graphics cards.

Trevmar wrote:
As much as I liked my HD1000, I sent it back and have used two Canon HF100s and a Kodak Z1012 and a Kodak V1073 for all my recent work.

If only the Xacti could lock and hold focus reliably indoors...

This video was done entirely with the two Kodaks on 'auto':

Inconvenient to hold, but they get the job done, even in difficult lighting and focus conditions.

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