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ocelle wrote:
I trying to upgrade from a Panasonic DMC-FZ50 into the real thing. Money hurts but it is not the problem right now. My problem is that I am a very small female (5'4") and madly in love with the Nikon D300. The feature I like the most is the 51 focus points. Is it really a huge baby? Does it weight a ton?


1. Is it really that big and heavy?

2. Is there another camera that could match the quality of the D300 without breaking my back?

3. I was thinking of the Nikon 18-200 for my Nikon D300. If you will suggest a different camera, would you also suggest a comparable lens.

I take landscape, architecture and interiors pictures. I also take pictures of pets and people's postraits.

Thanks for your answer!

16-200 is 560 gram / D300 is 800+ gram / battery = 100 gram?

Total = 1460 (1500) gram = 1.5 KG that should be ok... not?

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