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Hi to Steve and all

I am looking for a new wide angle camera that is easy to carry and not too large. My girlfriend and I go quite often into the mountains and our film camera and lenses are just a little too big and impractical. We have quite allot of pictures we have taken on the wall at home and most on average are 11x14 or 16x20 so I would like something with good picture quality at that sort of size. I understand that a digital camera is not quite the same but for ease of use I think that it might be worth it.

Ok, here is what I would like it to be capable of.

-pocket-able size
-a zoom over 4x or 5x, sometimes in the mountains you need allot of zoom
-great image quality
-pretty high megapixel count, so I can blow the pictures up to those sort of sizes
-wide angle lens
-metal body, if possible
-price isn't an issue

I have read quite allot of SteveĀ“s reviews and others on the net. I have also been to a few stores, but they rarely have the most up to date models.

Good contenders at the moment are the Ricoh R10 and the Panasonic DMC TZ5. My question is really, which do you guys believe is the better camera of the two? Or if I am way off the track here can someone give me a better suggestion or camera to look at?

Thanks for all your help and advice.

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